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Lilith Mallory

ic stats

canon: Original Bullshit nameless thing
canon point: Shrug
age: 1000+
species: Succubus-Mermaid Hybrid
pb: Melfia Azuverude from Demon Daughter Mansion ~Mermaid Chapter~


name: Ashu
over 18? yes
preference: Will match yours
HMD: Talk to me.
contact: PM me or [ profile] pornfetti
time zone: EDT|EST (aka -5 GMT)
In a world like unto our own, with a history that is similar, but also having such fantastical beings such as Succubi, Mermaids and other creatures. From the demonic, angelic and everything in between. It's in such a world that Lilith Mallory was born and lives in.

Lilith's early life is not anything spectacular, or really worth going into honestly speaking. Although her mother is a succubus Lilith was raised in a pretty not super sexual way, surprisingly.


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The one big thing about Lilith's abilities is that they have no effect on fellow demonic entities, angels/celestial beings or any other magical beasties. They also have no effect on children, she has standards after all, or people who have no attraction towards women.

(Of course it's up to other players to decide if she can effect their characters.)

  • ★ Alluring Voice:
  • By singing, or making her voice sing-song-y, Lilith can charm folks ala mermaids luring men to their watery doom. She doesn't use it via singing all too often anymore due to how things are in her modern world.
  • ★ Glamour:
    This is pretty much how she makes herself look like her target's ideal woman, thus using this means she'll look different to anyone who looks at her while she is using it. She mostly just uses this so that she can't be connected to anyone she feeds off of. It can also be broken by anything that can break a glamour, since in her world that kind of thing isn't something that happens much or at all.

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